Aeon mall long biên

Aeon Mall Long Bien, which was put into operation in 2015, is popular among tourists & local alike. With an area of up to 120,000 m2, it is airy và commodious with full functional facilities such as shopping, food, entertainment và sports training. If you still vị not know where khổng lồ go, what khổng lồ play when going lớn this mall, please refer to the suggestions below.

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Aeon supermarket: thousands of extremely diverse items, especially Japanese consumer products with excellent quality, sold in Vietnam for the first time. Additionally, it provides confectionery, milk, tea, and other Japanese drinks with a discount promotion program for each thành công (5% discount on total bill value on member"s day on 5th and 20th of every month).

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Aeon fashion area: located on the second floor (adult clothes) & third floor (children"s) of the mall. Aeon"s fashion shopping counter is attractively decorated with mainly Vietnamese local brands. Customers can cửa hàng for themselves or the whole family. The average price is about 200-500k /product for adults and from 50-300k/product for children.


The Food court, located on the inside of the 1st floor near the Aeon supermarket, selling buffet-style food stalls with rows of clean tables & chairs stowed around. Customers can choose Japanese dishes such as sushi, udon, tempura ... Or Korean cuisine includes dishes like: Gimbap, tokbokki, kimchi, noodles ... Along with a number of stalls serving fried food, pizza, dessert và drinks... With extremely affordable price from 10k - 100k.

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Alternatively, there is also a Food Village on the 3rd floor of the mall. This famous “Am thuc Ngon Pho” impresses customers with its rustic and nostalgic vibe. This area is designed and decorated with the beauty of Hanoi in the years 50-60. Not only well-known for having beautiful space, Ngon Pho also attracts tourists by its delicious Vietnamese dishes. The area is clearly divided with many stalls selling snacks, desserts (tea, cakes, coffee...) to the traditional Vietnamese food (spring rolls, vermicelli, pho...), along with other hot pot & BBQ restaurants.

Other amenities

Tiny World children"s playground

This is the largest children"s play area in Aeon Mall Long Bien. Tiny World is located on the 3rd floor with a spacious platform lớn meet all expectations of children. Parents can also freely drop their kids here to play while they are busy shopping.

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Snow World

The playground offers new exploring spaces for children: "super huge" ski bridge combined with ocean ball và snow, wooden horse rotation, treasure hunting and snow shaping area. On đứng top of that, children can spend chất lượng time and create wonderful memories with their parents and friends here.


It is a unique educational & entertainment center that helps children naturally develop their communication skill, tolerance, sharing & self-capacity while playing with other children.


This entertainment area, specialized in video clip games và Bowling has 150 game machines will be an address that attracts many young people when coming to Aeon Mall.

Bowling lane

The bowling system, located inside Timezone, is considered khổng lồ be the most up-to-date in Hanoi, bringing exciting experiences khổng lồ customers.

CGV cinema

CGV Aeon Long Bien is the 4th international standard cinema cluster in Hanoi, with 10 screens & 1944 seats. This is also the largest CGV’s theater in Hanoi with a surround sound system that creates multidimensional effects and modern 3d technology for customers khổng lồ experience.