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Tiệm coffe Linh 1975 in Saigon

In increasingly modern và ever-evolving Saigon, vintage restaurants & cafes are a rare breed these days. 

However, visitors can still get a sense of old-school Saigon at Tiệm coffe Linh 1975.

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Possessing a rustic appearance & old-world decorations, this charming cafe is worth a visit.

Tiệm cafe Linh 1975 is situated in a central location

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Located on Trương Định Street & just a few minutes’ walk away from the iconic Bến Thành Market và New World hotel in District 1, Tiệm cafe Linh 1975 is highly accessible. 

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Its 2-story facade, decked out with sun-bleached wood panels, makes it stand out from the maze of cement townhouses & glass skyscrapers surrounding it.

With a roomy balcony with a nearly 360-degree view over the streets, the cafe promises a breezy coffee sesh for visitors who want lớn sit back & watch the world go by. 

The balcony is filled with plants and flowers spilling over, forming a lush display that’s pleasant to lớn the eyes. 

Overhanging the old-fashioned louvre doors is an azure wooden sign that reads, “Tiệm cà phê Linh Saigon 1975” in a charming classic Saigon typeface font.

Overall, this cafe is reminiscent of a Saigon coffee cửa hàng in the 70s.

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If you want khổng lồ let people know that you’re in Saigon without telling them you’re in Saigon, this is the place to be.

For this reason, you’ll see lines of young people queuing up for Insta-worthy photo ops here on any day of the week.

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It looks straight out of a Vietnamese living room from a bygone era

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Stepping into the cafe, you’ll find a spacious venue steeped in an age-old vibe that can only be found in 20th-century movies. 

Adorned with wooden chairs and a vintage TV cabinet on which is an obsolete Zenith television, a Capodimonte lamp standing alongside a porcelain vase of flowers, & a rusted electric fan, this area looks straight out of a Vietnamese living room in the old days.

The broad use of earth-tone shades lends the space a time-worn touch, while turquoise and canary curtains that grace the low, caged windows give it a soothing aura.

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There’s also a guitar for those who want to địa chỉ cửa hàng a soundtrack lớn jazz up the room and a shelf full of books for readers. 

The coffee counter itself is also a beautiful spot to check in & take a walk down the memory lane. 

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Designed lượt thích a local retail store in the old days, with goodies stored in jars & cigarette packs in latticed cases, this spot is a perfect ode khổng lồ traditional retail booths in 20th-century Vietnam.

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If you’re looking for a more airy space to nurse your drinks, move upstairs, where you’ll find the wooden balcony looking over the streets. 

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A limited selection of drinks at affordable prices

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Tiệm coffe Linh 1975 sells mainly coffee at affordable prices, ranging from VND40,000-VND60,000 (~USD1.77-USD2.65)

At VND55,000 (~USD2.43), you can enjoy a glass of iced milk coffee or bạc xỉu, a Saigon specialty drink featuring a large portion of condensed milk with ice & just a small portion of coffee.

Those who don’t drink coffee can check out other cooling options such as lychee tea, lemonade, và blended yogurt. 

A historic and scenic space khổng lồ drink coffee và catch up 

Home to lớn a spacious, breezy seating area & unique decor, Tiệm coffe Linh 1975 makes a great place lớn nurse a cup of coffee, munch sweet snacks, và have a conversation.

The next time you’re in town and looking for an enchanting place to lớn visit, drop by the venue for a visually stunning coffee sesh.


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Cover image adapted from: Ánh Nguyệt & Phương Lê

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