What Does The Korean Word “Chingu” Mean In English?

One of the best parts of learning a new language is all the new friends that you can make. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to know how to lớn say “friend” in Korean! Once you know this word, you will be able khổng lồ start talking about your friends in Korean.

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저는 이미 사귀는 남자친구가 있습니다 (jeoneun imi sagwineun namjachinguga itseumnida)

I already have a boyfriend.

저는 이미 사귀는 남자친구가 있어요 (jeoneun imi sagwineun namjachinguga isseoyo)

I already have a boyfriend.

그는 내 친구의 친구야 (geuneun nae chinguui chinguya)

He’s a friend of a friend.

난 우리가 친구라고 생각했어 (nan uriga chingurago saenggakaesseo)

I thought we were friends.

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A Word of Caution About Romanized Korean

Using Romanized words in Korean can be a useful way to lớn pick up a few Korean words. However, it is far easier to memorize words & speak in a way that can be understood if you take the time lớn learn Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Understanding Hangul can help you notice grammar points & articles, và separate these from vocabulary, making it easier to lớn learn both.

If you want lớn learn some more essential phrases, check out this article or try our full Korean course.

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Now that you know how to lớn say “friend” in Korean, go out there and say hello khổng lồ some new Korean friends! If you’d lượt thích to know more about the Korean language, kiểm tra out our full write-up.