Dinh 3 Bảo Đại

Da Lat Bao dai Palace 3 (Dinh 3) – A luxurious residence, bearing bold European identity in the heart of the mountain town.

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Today, we would lượt thích to introduce information about the information you need khổng lồ know before visiting Bao dai Palace 3 in Dalat.

The information you need to know is the address of residence 3, the entrance fee, visit time, tour guide và the note when you come khổng lồ Palace 3.

The front of Bao dai Palace III – The Third Mansion of the Vietnamese last emperor


Da Lat thành phố is known as Paris miniature, because of the climate here year warm, cold. Therefore, da Lat was the last king of feudal Nguyen dynasty chose the “capital”.Bao dẻo Palace in Dalat, also known as Palace III, was built between 1933 and 1938, where King Bao Dai’s family lived & worked in Dalat.Palace III in domain authority Lat thành phố designed by a French architect và the Vietnamese architect Huynh chảy Phat.Palace III is located in the forest named Ai An on the đứng đầu of the hill, in which Ernest Hébrard’s Dalat embellishment project was dedicated khổng lồ the Governor General. The entire programme shall be used to the European architecture because it has the back and front flower garden.


The Architecture of the Palace III

Palace 3 (Dinh 3) in Dalat is designed in modern European style & has the same structure as Dinh 1 và Dinh 2, Dinh Bao dai Palace (Dinh 3) has 2 floors:

Ground floor: working and reception floors.

It is used for meetings, banquets, foreign guests và imperial government officials. The main entrance is a medium kích thước (about 4m), with a foyer area before entering, the ground floor is the reception room & working room: on the right is King Bao Dai’s office, library; The left is the meeting room & other offices; The inside is the entertainment room. It is noteworthy that the thiết kế of the working rooms of the palace is connected with the architectural spatial interior & exterior through the aisles and glass windows with steel frames, creating a harmonious setting between architecture and nature.

Floor 2: King Bao Dai’s family space.

The entire second floor of the residence was used for family activities, including the rooms of King Bao Dai, the Queen of phái mạnh Phuong, the Princesses & Princes Bao Long, the princess Phuong Mai, Phuong Lien, prince Bao Thang. Outside of the king’s bedroom was the beautiful Moonlight balcony that used khổng lồ make the king and queen look at the moon. Prince Bao Long was chosen as the successor of the throne (from 1939), so that his room was decorated all yellow.

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The Style inside Bao dẻo Palace 3
The bedroom inside Bao dai Palace 3
Taking some pictures in Bao dai Palace 3 in Dalat

What vì you think of Bao dai Palace in Dalat?

Here, visitors not only know the luxury life of the last king of the feudal dynasty Vietnam but also can dress up as king, queen, prince, princess, … then take the picture as a souvenir of the royal palace at dressing room of Palace. It can be said this area is always crowded people together khổng lồ disguise the royal.Inside the tourist area of ​​Dinh 3 Palace, there are many services to take pictures with the eagle, horse, horse carriage …In addition, in Palace 3, there are many restaurants, souvenir shopping & prestige prices are clearly listed.

Come to domain authority Lat, come khổng lồ Palace 3 – Bao dẻo Palace to lớn enjoy these exciting moments.

The King’s seat inside Bao dai Palace 3

The information about Bao Dai domain authority Lat Palace:

– Name: Dinh dai Palace Dalat – Palace 3.

– Address: Palace 3 is located on a hill high at 1 Trieu Viet Vuong, domain authority Lat (about 1.5km south of domain authority Lat đô thị center and about 9 minutes by car).

– Ticket price:

Entrance fee: VND15,000 / adult – VND10,000 / child.

Leasing costume: 20.000d / set

Points along the route.

The old helicopter outside Bao dẻo Palace 3

Sightseeing near by the Bao dẻo Palace 3 in the city:

Palace 3 Dalat is a tourist destination in the city & only about 1.5km away from domain authority Lat market, so you can combine with other tourist attractions such as Xuan Huong Lake, Chicken Church, da Lat Railway Station, Hang Nga Villa, flower garden.

Combined with Truc Lam Monastery :

If you want lớn go with Truc Lam monastery you can combine khổng lồ go khổng lồ Tuyen Lam Lake, Clay Tunnel or can go to lớn Datanla waterfall.


If you need more information about Dinh 3 Palace, you can comment below or call our Hotline. Have a great trip to domain authority Lat!