Mê linh coffee

Sounds odd we know. And if you don’t know what poop coffee is all about, then Google the heck out of it.

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We’ll be honest and say we weren’t sure how we felt about trying weasel coffee. First off, the idea of drinking poop coffee wasn’t palatable at all. Secondly, we were a little hesitant on supporting this concept on behalf of the animals’ welfare.


Me Linh Coffee Garden quickly won us over with its spectacular coffee plantation và unique inhabitants. It also convinced us that is was okay to lớn try their specialty brew because they do love their weasels & that was important lớn know.

How we found out about Me Linh Coffee Garden

When we told mongvuongthan.vn tours, that we were going out to Elephant Waterfall for the morning,they suggested coming with us.They had a ‘treat’ he wanted to chia sẻ with us and we were already grinning from ear to ear.

We lovethemtreats so signedthem up for tour guide duties và off we went.


Getting there

Me Linh Coffee Garden sits on DT725, approximately trăng tròn kilometers outside of da Lat và is open 7 days a week from 7 AM khổng lồ 6:30PM. You’ll know when you get there because there are coffee trees as far as you can see. LOL!

You can either rent a scooter in domain authority Lat , or it’s a cheap group tour pick up from your hotel in Dalat.


What is Me Linh Coffee about?

The Farm

Me Linh Coffee Garden not only grow their own coffee, they roast on site and sell it from their very own cafe.

The complex stretches out from the đứng top to the bottom of the hill & through the coffee trees. It consists of many seating areas, a shop, café và weasel living quarters. Did we mention the beautiful souvenir shop?


There is plenty of free, secure onsite scooter parking which is located khổng lồ the right as you come through the main gate. They bởi vì have space for cars too.

At the vị trí cao nhất you’ll find plenty of covered và uncovered seating options khổng lồ choose from. You have a choice of table and chairs or cafe bench seating overlooking that spectacular view!

There is also a small stage phối up for guests lớn enjoy karaoke or where the life music is performed.

There is a covered walk way that join the upper and lower level. It also doubles as bench seating khổng lồ the left & right of the walkway.


Believe us, no one misses out on a great view in this place. It’s well thought out!

The Cafe

Coffee is the biggest seller here (apart from the stunning view).

The drinks menu isn’t limited lớn just coffee options either. They bởi vì offer different types of teas as well as yogurt drinks and sodas.

Their specialty of coarse is the weasel coffee & they have a few options to choose from too.


It’s also the cheapest weasel coffee we’ve seen so far. For instance, Trung Nguyen will charge VND 150,000 (~USD 6.50 / ~AUD 8.90) for their weasel coffee. Whereas Me Linh Coffee Garden only charges VND 75,000 (~USD 3.20 / ~AUD 4.50) for some of their options.

Coffee shop and souvenir shop

You can also buy their coffee products và accessories from the shop. It’s located at the đứng top part of the complex. There are a number of coffee and tea related items for sale to siêu thị to your heart’s content.


I steer clear of shopping lol, but I couldn’t resist the other attraction in the shop! For those who love dogs, this is the spot to say hello to lớn the owner’s fur babies. They are adorable.

Walking down to lớn the lower level of the complex you’ll find the souvenir shop. It’s in the shape of an authentic farm building and looks very authentic for the area. Here you can peruse all the locally made items such as scarves, bags & other little nick-nacks to mention a few.

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There are also plenty of coffee options khổng lồ choose from. You know, in case you missed out in the coffee cửa hàng (wink-wink).

Civets (weasels)

I was a little nervous to meet these guys as I can’t stand to see animals suffering. We’ve seen some scary photos from coffee places in Vietnam và I feared this might be one of them. Especially given its size.

I’m happy to lớn say that the critters looked very happy & healthy! Their living quarters were actually very nice too which was a relief lớn see.

Each weasel had plenty of space lớn move around, a few branches to lớn climb & a cozy little hut khổng lồ curl up in và sleep. All of which were in an area where guests can see them but not bother them. Win-win for all!

They looked so cute, with huge eyes và so much fur! I would’ve loved a pat, but didn’t want to cause them any distress.


Our weasel coffees và normal coffee came to a total of VND 200,000 (~USD 8.60 / ~AUD 12.00) which is impressive! Back trang chủ we would’ve paid a truck load more for specialty coffees.


Our thoughts on the experience

The coffees were great. Leon tried the Moka which was the strongest coffee he could find & I went with the sweeter cherry.Exceptionally strong but good, which gave us a good kick up the bum for the rest of the day.

The main attraction for me was that view though. That’s how I’d enjoy every coffee if I could!


We really enjoyed out visit here. We got some good photos, had great conversations and got to meet some really xinh tươi weasels.

Me Linh Coffee Garden is great for a visit in any weather as it caters for pretty much any kind of day. Which is why it’s on our must-see menu for da Lat.

It’s a great little day trip away from the hustle và bustle of the city and it won’t break the ngân hàng either. Heck we would’ve gone back to bởi some work there for a day if we had the time up our sleeve. It would’ve been perfect.


And you don’t have khổng lồ have the weasel coffee. Their normal offerings are pretty tasty too.

If this is your first visit to lớn our site, then welcome! Head on over to lớn mongvuongthan.vn"swedsitewhere we tell you about more things you should showroom to yourDalat itinerary.

Thanks for reading guys and we’ll see you in the next post…


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