Wvsom o'cafe online ordering

The mongvuongthan.vn O"Cafe serves a variety of breakfast foods & lunch menu options Monday - Friday.


7:30 am - 10:30 am - Breakfast11:00 am - 2:00 pm - Lunch


Daily buffet (May 23rd - May 27th)

BBQ Pulled Pork SandwichesBBQ SauceBunsSlaw**BBQ ChickenMacaroni & Cheese**Roasted Potatoes*

Soup of the Day:Vegetable*

Last Day of School Year for Lunch Buffet

Baked Potato BarBroccoliChickenChiliBaconSalsaCheese

Soup of the Day: Vegetable Beef

Soup of the Day: Chicken Noodle

Closed for Graduation Catering and Preparation

Closed for Graduation Catering & Preparation

Lunch Buffet: $10.00 - Includes hot buffet, soup & salad bar.

Soup of the Day: $3.00 bowl, $2.00 cup